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The Dream & Updates!

Follow along to stay informed!

Our Dream


Our dream started to become a reality around 2015 when it became abundantly clear that our current building was nearing the end of it's life and was no longer sufficient for our needs. 

Our goal is to build a functional and comfortable facility that would provide the space needed to prevent the spread of disease as well as a stress free environment for the animals that reside here.

Phase I


Our main focus with Phase I is to build a Boarding, Grooming, and Training facility that will include a Doggy Daycare!! These are much needed services in our community and the revenue they will generate will help sustain the NEW Humane Society and allow us to become more independent and less reliant on donations. 

Once this is done, we will move onto Phase II which is to build a new Shelter Facility that is functional and safe, allowing us to reduce disease outbreaks, provide a stress free environment for our four legged residents, and provide new and exciting services to our community!!

Land Ho! 


That goal has turned into a plan with the help of our supporters, community and Board of Directors. 

In 2020, with the help of one of our wonderful supporters, we purchased land to build on and the wheels were set in motion. 

Let the Journey Commence! 

  2021 & Beyond!

Now WHAT?!

We are continuing our fundraising efforts to raise money for this new chapter in our lives and we can't wait to share it with our community 

BUT we cannot make this a reality without your help!

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